DAW Control Surface • Part II: Unifying Digital Sense & Analog Sound

In my previous blog entry, “DAW Control Surface • Pt I: Today’s Studio Command Center,” I explained the functional benefits and capabilities of having a DAW control surface as the centerpiece of the studio. I left off on the subject of sonics with the question, “How can a digital control surface possibly compete with the […]

DAW Control Surface • Pt I: Today’s Studio Command Center

Sure, it’d be great to have a vintage API console as the centerpiece for my control room, so why do I have an AVID D-Command control surface instead? Yes, price is a huge factor, but if money weren’t an issue, I’d still prefer a sidecar in addition to the D-Command, rather than replace it as […]

“Under the Hood: BAE 10DCF Comp/Lim”

The stereo buss compressor is an essential ingredient when cooking up a professional and polished final mix, and the BAE 10DCF Compressor/Limiters stand tall among the rest. BAE has taken the best of old and new analog design with an authentic approach to create a truly unique piece of gear that’s based on the vintage […]

“Creating the Gospel Choir”

Harmonies are a great way to add texture and emotion to a lead vocal, but nothing adds size, power, and sensation to a track quite like a gospel choir. A live gospel choir is a wonderfully powerful experience to record, but the resources aren’t always available for such an opportunity. In this blog entry, I’ll […]

Neat Mics by Val Garay • Gear Review in Drumhead Magazine #53

Drumhead Magazine has brought on Val Garay to review new gear in the world of pro audio! His review of the new line of mics by Neat Microphones was featured in Drumhead Mag’s latest issue #53 January-February 2016. Neat Microphones, a division of Gibson run by the founders of Blue Microphones, has developed a line […]