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Drum Head magazine“BAE 10DCF Compressor/Limiter”. BAE Audio has long been renowned for their extensive line of Class A series analog microphone preamps and equalizers, so when I heard that they’ve added a compressor/limiter called the 10DCF to their family, I had to try it out.
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Drum Head magazine“Neat Mics”. Neat Microphones, a division of Gibson run by the founders of Blue Microphones, has developed a line of bee-themed products that are sure to cause a buzz in the world of affordable studio-quality microphones and high-end cables.
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Mix Article“You’re No Good”. Revisiting the Legendary Linda Ronstadt in Hollywood, 1974: David Hassinger’s The Sound Factory. Producer Peter Asher. Engineer Val Garay. Guitarist Andrew Gold. A-List Players. API Console, 3M tape machines, rare EMT unit. How could it get any better? By Matt Hurwitz. To Download the full Mix article, CLICK HERE.

M ArticleVAL GARAY. Sharing the studio secrets behind some of music’s best vocal performances. By Michael Gallant. To Download the full M Music article, CLICK HERE.

The Knights of Soft Rock. Back when there was plenty of room in Hotel California, a crew of hard-living session men created the sound of the 1970s. By David Browne. To read the full Rolling Stone article, CLICK HERE.